The Future of Marketing & TV


In the world of business today, companies are trying to stretch their budgets, cut back on costs, and maximize the value created on their return on investments. In the world of marketing, this translates into enhancing the value they are able to provide to companies. A common issue in marketing is being able to connect the appropriate advertising messages through the appropriate communication channels and getting those messages to the appropriate consumers.

The information age is now in full force and providing the information that companies need in order to target these companies and consumers alike is considered to be the most value enhancing method. For example, companies have been trying to target the right people for years via mobile and e-commerce by using information that users have entered on their Facebook and social media profiles, their mobile apps, their video games, and every other information that a consumer can provided electronically.

For the last few years, advertisers have directed their marketing investments away from television to the online and mobile platforms in order to strategically keep up with the evolving environment of the marketing business world. The question we need to ask is, that advertisers have overlooked, why should they neglect an advertising medium that the majority of the population pays attention to? Are there other ways to target consumers and B2B opportunities on TV that have not been yet utilized?

The answers is yes. There are other ways to target consumers and companies with television that can provided greater value to an advertisers investments. The idea came to me one day when I was thinking of how we could make advancements in the way companies advertise. The idea is this, people have already become very comfortable with sharing marketing segmentation info on their mobile phones, social media profiles, and video gaming systems. Why can’t this same method be used in television?

Cable companies and TV channels have ability to strike a strategic alliance that will allow them to greatly enhance their marketing capabilities. If the cable companies were able to provide a smart cable box system that would allow TV viewers to program their boxes to multiple profiles based on the person watching the TV at that time, it could create the ability to target their advertising more effectively.

Each person in a household could have their own unique login that informs the cable box who is watching the television, based on their own demographic information in combination with their viewing habits, interests, and other useful segmentation info. The cable company would be able to know who is watching the TV at that time and be able to use that information to send specific commercials and advertising directly to that specific target market. Whether its the middle-aged father who likes to watch golf or the teenage son who likes to watch the X-games, the cable company should be able to know which commercials are appropriate to that unique viewer, not just the channel they are watching.

Using this unique idea would greatly enhance a company’s ability to create the most effective method for targeting their advertising on a large scale platform being used everyday. In other words, companies are going to get more bang for the buck, what’s the point of advertising reach if you are not targeting the appropriate segments in the market. Pretty soon people are going to be using their smartphones as a remote for the TV anyway, so why not sync everything together and create a dynamic advertising platform for the future.

– Paul Nossenko Jr